High-speed MechRunner action coming to Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Vita this Summer

Spark Plug Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for MechRunner, a high-octane endless action game that casts you as a powerful mode-changing mech. You will blast your way through decimated urban landscapes at incredible speeds while switching between #robot and #tank modes to rain punishment on endless waves of mechanical foes. MechRunner will launch this summer on #Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux),  Playstation® 4, and Playstation® Vita.

MechRunner coming to Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Vita

MechRunner Kickstarter storyline and gameplay

The Story

On June 30th, 1908 a mysterious explosion took place over the Tunguska River in Siberia, Russia that wiped out trees and wildlife for over 800 square miles. To this day it remains the largest “impact event” in our planet’s recorded history.

In the mid-1940s however, a team of scientists from the Russian secret service visiting the site stumbled upon the wreckage of an alien spacecraft containing technology that far exceeded our own. In the years that followed, the KGB set to work harnessing this mysterious new power source and created a new secret weapons program – The Division of Advanced Weaponry or “O.S.O.”

The man in charge of the O.S.O., General Yuri Petrakoff, seemed particularly affected and on April 14th, 1949, Petrakoff launched a full scale assault on Europe. One of Petrakoff’s lead engineers, Jesper Teterev, went AWOL and left the program early, wary of what was happening there. He went to live in secret with his sister, Isabel and niece, Allison. While in hiding however, Jesper (with the help of budding engineer and pilot, Allison) was busy building his own mechanized war machine, called the XP-41, certain it may be needed one day to stave off the O.S.O.’s evil creations. Jesper was right.

Mechrunner characters Jesper, Allison, and Gen. Petrakoff
Jesper, Allison, and Gen. Petrakoff
The Mechrunner game mech XP-41
The XP-41


MechRunner is an endless-style action game mixed with fast and furious mode-changing mech action! And it is very much a “runner”, the player is constantly moving forward while tracking down lethal O.S.O. forces but what makes it special is that you’re piloting a giant robot capable of some serious destruction! Other endless runners feature action elements, but none like this. Heat seeking missiles, heavy caliber bullets, laser cannons, and concussion bombs meet destructible buildings, debris littered streets, and tons of slice-able enemies to create a fast paced, visually stunning experience!

Mechrunner game screenshot


  • Meticulously detailed, fast-paced action
  • Switch between Tank and Robot modes on the fly
  • Slice & Dice enemy units with your swords
  • Extensive arsenal of weapons, customizations, and power-ups
  • Unique environments that blend seamlessly together
  • Procedurally generated levels for endless variety
  • Numerous enemy types with different tactics
  • Epic boss battles!
  • Dynamic environment obstacles
  • Unlockable skins, upgrades, and achievements
  • Rescue civilians for extra points and rewards
  • Amazing Hollywood quality soundtrack
  • Optional controls – play with a mouse or controller
Mechrunner A few of the weapon upgrades that are available

MechRunner has been in development for a little over a year now and Spark Plug are finally able to present it to the world! The game is feature complete, fully playable, and in its final stages before launch in July 2014.  They could stick a bow on it and kick it out the door, but love it too much. It deserves a strong finish, so they want YOUR support with all of the polish and TLC into the game before launch.

The game’s mechanics are all in place, but Spark Plug want to put those final touches on it, details gamers want and deserve. So where will the money go? We want to:

  • Add more polish to our boss battles and levels
  • Weave more of the story elements into the game.
  • Hire professional voice actors for in-game dialogue.
  • Add more sound effects and music
  • Bug test (QA)
  • Optimize for all platforms
  • Market the game upon release

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Crawl dungeon crawling preview for PC, Mac, Linux

Crawl is a dungeon crawler game for pc mac and linux


Crawl is a competitive #multiplayer dungeon crawler for PC, Mac and Linux. The two-man development team Powerhoof created the game out of Melborne, Australia. Crawl is their first major project outside of game jams, experiments and prototypes.

The game features distinctive pixel art and supports up to four players locally (as this is an early build online is not a part of it, but Powerhoof is looking into online #coop for a final release). Currently, Crawl is Greenlit on Steam and Powerhoof is aiming to put the game up in Early Access as soon as possible. If the early build is any indication, whatever they consider ready for Early Access will be pretty choice.

What Crawl boils down to is one hero versus one to three spirits. The hero has to navigate through a dungeon while avoiding traps and fighting monsters. Unlike a normal dungeon crawler, the monsters and traps are controlled by other players. Each player chooses a specific deity from three different gods (S’hrim, Teok and Ga’ben). Gods offer players different three starting monsters, which are summoned during the game by player spirits.

Controls for the game are minimalist. Players can attack or use a special move. The special move for a hero is a basic dodge at first. For spirits, it varies depending on monster type and evolution. Using basic attacks and special moves skillfully are key to either remaining as a hero or regaining a body.

The hero is chosen randomly from the number of players entering the dungeon. As the hero, players run through the dungeon looking for gold and killing monsters for experience. Gold, which can be found in chests, can be used at stores randomly located in the dungeon to purchase new weapons, spells and potions.

Experience is necessary to make players more powerful. The hero gains experience from killing player monsters and collecting blue orbs. When players are the hero, the goal is to stay alive as long as possible. The hero needs to move through the dungeon, reach level 10 and defeat the dungeon boss.

All other players exist as spirits. Their goal is to be the first to murder the hero and regain their body. To aid in their slaughter, non-hero players can summon spirits and possess traps to chip away at the hero’s health. When a hero enters a room, there exists the possibility of it containing pentagrams on the floor or traps like turrets, crossbows or spike launchers. Spirits can posses any trap in a room by floating over to it and following a button prompt. When possessing a trap, they can use it to launch devastating short-range attacks at the hero. Traps do not lock a hero in a room, so they are good for hit and run tactics.

Crawl dungeon crawler gameplay screenshot1

To summon a monster, spirits have to inhabit a pentagram; by doing so, a monster from their chosen god is randomly summoned. The summoned monster can be used to square off against the hero. If a monster defeats the hero, the player is reborn as a hero. That player then has a chance to run through the dungeon, leveling up their hero and gathering gold. Summoning monsters locks a room until the hero defeats all monsters. If players kill a hero, they still have to kill any remaining monsters currently active or whom can be summoned from a pentagram.

Level progression in Crawl is balanced nicely between heroes and monsters. Since each player can be both monster and hero, they have two different level progressions. A hero levels up by killing monsters summoned by other players as they run through a dungeon. The better they are at killing monsters and staying alive, the stronger they get. Heroes level up actively through combat.

Crawl dungeon crawler gameplay screenshot2

Monsters level up more passively. Each floor in the dungeon has an exit, so when a hero exits a dungeon it ends the round. At the end of each round, players earn vitae to evolve their monsters. The vitae earned is based on how much hero characters level up. Those players spending more time as spirits earn more vitae to evolve their monsters. Each player’s god gives them three monsters to evolve during the game. Every monster can evolve a certain number of times until they reach peak evolution.

There are also branching evolutions offering different advance and peak evolutions that players can choose between. The more advanced evolutions require more vitae. Smartly using vitae at the end of each round is necessary to give players the best chance at becoming the hero in the next round. Since monsters summon randomly, putting all your vitae into a single monsters is not always the best practice.

The other aspect of progression for heroes is their ability to buy weapons, spells and potions at shops. Heroes earn money by finding chests in the dungeon, but also by praying to an alter. This alter rewards the hero with gold for the blood they spilled playing as a spirit. The longer and more successful a player is at being a monster before becoming human again, the more gold they gain to buy new items.

Heroes start with a basic sword that can be replaced at a shop for a variety of weapons. Depending on their preference, players can use bows, staves, knives or swords to deal with monsters. Spells replace a player’s special move. The effects spells have vary widely from a more powerful dash to cyclones and shields. Potions can be purchased to give players certain bonuses, generally at the expense of speed or defense or some other stat. Experimenting with different weapons, spells and potions can give heroes the edge as other players continue to evolve their monsters.

Crawl dungeon crawler gameplay screenshot3

The hero’s main goal is to reach level 10 and activate the transport stone to face off against the dungeon boss. The dungeon boss is a hulking behemoth of a monster. Since there are no pentagrams or traps in the final boss area, spirits possess aspects of the boss. Possessing one of the boss’ arms allows players to launch different liquids at the hero. By taking over the main head, players can launch a devastating beam at the hero.

In order to make the boss vulnerable, the hero needs to hit a bomb-like spawn at the boss’ open mouth to expose its brain. Once the brain is exposed, the hero needs to wail on it until it is defeated.

Depending on the number of players, the final boss can be tough or fairly easy. With less players, the hero can maneuver quickly and avoid the attacks, but working in tandem can give the hero a hell of a time. Right now, it seems the boss needs to be re-balanced because it is too slow to be effective against the nimbly hero. As is, the boss is a bit too toothless to be formidable, especially compared to the main game’s peak evolution monsters.

Crawl shows plenty of promise. The key to the game’s success is the smart balance of progression between hero and spirits. While it is early and things are subject to change, Crawl is in a very playable state. There are some elements to re-balance and tinker with, but if Powerhoof offered this as Early Access, they would offer a solid product with plenty to enjoy. It would be nice to see more gods and monsters added to the final product and different dungeon bosses down the line.

To enjoy Crawl fully, the game needs three to four players. You can get the idea of combat and gameplay one-on-one, but the game sings with a full house. Online multiplayer would be a great addition if Powerhoof can pull it off. Even if Crawl remains a local-only multiplayer game, it could potentially join the best of the local multiplayer renaissance.

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Cyan considering a Linux port for Obduction

From the famous creators of Myst and Riven the newest Kickstarter project is Obduction. They went through #Kickstarter successfully last year. Now, thanks to Unreal Engine supporting Linux natively, Cyan is looking at a Linux release as a possibility for their new game.

The announcement came over a survey over at the Kickstarter page. The original Kickstarter target was of $1.1 million. But the community was so impressed, that the closing pledge for the game stood at $1.3 million. Being based on the Unreal Engine, it didn’t have the Linux goal as one of its core goals, but now, after Epic Game’s support of the Linux platform natively through their Unreal Engine, the creators of Obduction are thinking about adding Linux support to their upcoming game.

“Epic has announced that the Unreal 4 engine will have Linux support. We would love to support Linux and we are currently evaluating what it means for the scope and cost of development.”

So there you have it, another good looking game hopefully added to Linux’s ever growing game repository!

For the uninitiated, Obduction is a real-time, first-person adventure game that heavily borrows from its ancestor Myst, the famous adventure game of yore. Like Myst, Obduction is supposed to allow the player the feel of mystery, intrigue and becoming one with environment. The original Myst was famous for such level of immersive-ness that its stunningly realistic environment could produce. Obduction will be built with the same framework that made Cyan’s earlier games such a wonderful experience: stunning landscapes, deep storyline, engaging characters, dramatic soundscapes, and challenging yet intuitive puzzles. Obduction is an entirely new property, delivered using one of the most powerful game development technologies available today.

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Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon coming to Android, PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS

Spider Rite of the Shrouded Moon will be available for Android, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS

Five years ago, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor became an instant classic in the #iPhone games library. The moody, wordless experience turned players into multi-legged predators wending their way into creepy environments and a foreboding meta-story. That game’s #sequel Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moonwill not just be debuting on iOS; it will be on Android, PC, Mac and Linux. It might even show up on #consoles. And when Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon comes out, it will be pulling in the real world with it.

Tiger Style Games have turned out some of the best-looking, best-feeling titles for mobile games. After they turned out a HD version of Spider for iPad, the devs at the indie studio released the cooler-than-it-sounds action/gardening game Waking Mars. Now they are doing their first sequel, introducing real-world weather and location conditions into the environments of Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon. So if you’re playing on your Android phone at night, different insects will show up for you to feast on. Or, if it’s raining outside your window, there’ll be raindrops falling inside the game as well. Randy Smith and David Kalina reveal details and give you a first look at the game in action.

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Grave’s open world horror landscape on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One

Horror #games tend to create chilling atmospheres, but the unsettling moments within them are often pre-meditated or scripted.The spooks in Broken Window Studios’ Grave may be a bit more freeform than that – the #OculusRift-compatible trek through an open-world desert environment on PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One isn’t entirely predictable. The layout of Grave‘s environment shifts with each passing night, making navigation less about checking off rooms on a map and more about exploring and staying prepared for the world’s threats.

Of course, the night’s blanketing darkness hides Grave‘s danger, a threat that players can fend off with sources of light. Each progressively-generated sunset brings out a variety of enemies, which players can either stand bravely against during evening strolls, or use light-based weaponry to fend off while stowing away in shelters. Supplies are limited though, so shying from valuable exploration time will eventually backfire.

Broken Window is currently seeking funding to make Grave possible, with $8,751 out of the requested $30,000 gathered at the time of this writing. Should the project clear its goal, the creatures in Grave‘s everchanging world will start stalking players in early 2015, with backers that chip in $60 or more getting access to a beta before then. If you’re willing to wait until Grave is finished, contributing $15 gets you the story version, with $20 earning an endless “Survive The Night” mode. If you’re still uncertain, an early PC demo of Grave is available on the project’s Kickstarter page.

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